Work flow


Introductory Conversation and Home Consultation

In this step, we develop a clear direction and scope for your project. We’ll meet in our showroom to get to know you, your house, your needs, and your vision. The designer visits your home to gather more detailed information. We take measurements of your space noting electrical outlets, registers, hearths, mantles, door swings. We walk a grid of your space while taking photos from every angle.


Plan View and Design Presentation

In this step, the designer creates a scaled plan-view of your space – a drawing of your room as if looking down from above. We focus first on the practical considerations like size, proportion, and function. We develop a materials, textures, build and finish details. The designer will assemble all of the samples, photos, and drawings into a presentation that will allow you to ‘picture’ the room as it will appear when completed.


Final Presentation and Delivery & Setup

The result of the effort and hard work that began when you first told us about the room or home that you'd been dreaming about. This is our final step, and certainly the most exciting! While you were waiting for the big day, we were planning, ordering and confirming, measuring, sewing, building, and finishing the various pieces designed just for you.

Our clients

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