For the better space planning, you have to hire experienced and skills professionals, who have been providing these services successfully for many years across the globe.

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Before your project is started our professional installer can come to your location and measure the area where installation will take place and develop the template for design and installation.

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We, Interior Designers in Chennai, can be your consultants in interior designing, making layouts, design concepts, elevations for the wall, furniture designs, interior design & 3DS max.

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Interior design ideas for small homes in India and that too on a tight budget is one of the most common problems we are encountered with. But that doesn’t mean there ain’t any solution.

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services overview


Modular Desks for the Modern Office Collections

At Integra's, we enable you to make the most of your modern office space with our Unity Office Collection. This unique series of modern modular desks, returns, hutches, cabinets and bookcases frees you to design a functional and ergonomic work space, while still retaining a clean, contemporary look.


Modern Bedroom Furnitures

At Integra's, we understand the importance of a comfortable, beautiful bedroom. Often times your bedroom can be the last refuge in a hectic life, so we have everything you need to create a cozy, modern bedroom perfect for a night's rest. Start with our selection of contemporary beds, then add a modern dresser and contemporary nightstands.


Dining and Living room with Glass works

We know that a dining room is a place to come together as family. At Modern Digs our goal is to find affordable modern furniture that suits the beauty of those meetings. Shop our modern dining tables and contemporary bar stools. You will find items with natural elements and clean lines.